Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Despite the Backlash...

I still <3 Sex and the City.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

As you should! Don't let the haters influence you (I haven't seen it, though :)

Jose said...

Neither have I!
I've just been shocked by all the poison being spilled by people, some of whom haven't even seen it.
Someone said fans of the show were akin to Islamic terrorists!
Can you imagine that comparison?
I hate how chauvinist our society is, nobody talks all this crap about stuff like Transformers, Shrek or the damn Matrix.

Dame James said...

It's the same sad society who chides Kristen Stewart for gaining fame in one blockbuster series while Shia LaBeouf continues to star in action blockbuster flops and no one gives a crap. If you're a woman and successful, it's time to knock you down a peg.

Besides, our version of Sex in the City will be even more amazing!

Jose said...

You're right James!
I don't particularly care for Kristen or "Twilight" but let her milk the hell out of that cow while she can!
And it's even sadder when other women contribute to this hatred.

Our version will rock indeed.